Stories of Support

Welcome to our Stories of Support page, where we celebrate the incredible contributions and heartwarming generosity of our sponsors who have played a vital role in helping Street Medics Austin carry out our mission to serve the community.

The North Door: A Haven for Street Medics Austin

Nestled in the heart of downtown Austin, The North Door provides Street Medics Austin with a warm and intimate space to conduct their in-person training. Owned by the generous Mark, this incredible venue has become an essential part of our organization’s growth. Mark’s unwavering support and dedication to creating a safe and comfortable environment allow our team to focus on our mission without worrying about the logistics of finding a suitable space.

Mark’s selflessness is truly inspiring. He asks for nothing in return, ensuring that we always have everything we need to make our training sessions successful. With The North Door’s support, Street Medics Austin has been able to expand our impact and reach more people in need.

Come And Take It CPR: Katie’s Unwavering Commitment

Katie, our Stop The Bleed trainer from Come And Take It CPR, brings an extraordinary level of expertise and enthusiasm to our team. Her dedication to providing her time and supplies completely for free has enabled us to train over 60 individuals as of April.

Katie’s passion for helping others and her relentless commitment to Street Medics Austin has been instrumental in the success of our training program. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to provide the life-saving skills we teach to so many people in our community.

Stokes Sign Company: Signage That Builds Our Identity

Stokes Sign Company, a proud member of the Austin community for 25 years, has supported Street Medics Austin by providing free stickers and signage. Their contributions have enabled us to keep track of our equipment, maintain a strong brand identity, and ensure our support vehicles are easily recognizable.

The team at Stokes Sign Company has shown immense generosity, asking for nothing in return for their support. We’re thankful for their commitment to helping us make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Hearts Are Wild CPR: Generosity That Keeps Us Going

Hearts Are Wild CPR, led by its kind-hearted owner Lori, has been a game-changer for Street Medics Austin. Their generous loan of a full selection of CPR/AED equipment, enough to train a class of 12 at a time, has allowed us to make our trainings accessible to more people without having to wait for fundraising events.

The support we’ve received from Hearts Are Wild CPR has come from the depths of their heart (pun intended), asking for nothing in return. We’re deeply grateful for their kindness and the invaluable resources they’ve provided us.

Street Medics Austin is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 88-3680445. Donations are tax-deductible.

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